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16 November 2016


Love this essay. Love love love.

Oh, Jessica,
Have you considered writing an Oprah book? You've got the lingo. :)

I would call you one of my very favorite assholes but that doesn't sound quite right (so you see the difficulty in writing that kind of book). Even though I would mean it so affectionately. In the end perhaps Red Green still said it best: "keep your stick on the ice. we're all in this together."

Love Red Green. Love love love. /heehee

You make some very good points (and my goodness you must have hosted a 7-course dinner for 12, to have that many dishes!) but I think maybe the Snark train pulled out of the station while you were distracted by all the kids' suitcases you needed to corral. And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, the Snark train may or may not come back around for you eventually, but there's always another one coming down the tracks - the Kindness-Mercy-Patience one sounds like it's arriving any minute now.

Your negative reviews are great helps to us but may be dragging you down, so just let go. When you get fired up, for good or bad, about a book, tell us, and otherwise just dial back and post your Interlinks, your BritTV, and the other things you enjoy. Your writing style is entertaining whether you're being negative or not ~

Yeah, me too. I LOVE Red Green and I don't care who knows that. I am not leaving Mr. CR for another woman but I'd consider leaving him for Red Green! And then writing a bestseller about that! :)

None of my cooking is very complicated (even the cooking I do for 12 people) but I find that Mr. CR watches the boys while I do the dishes, so it's actually the most concentrated thinking time I have all day.

I'm sure I'll be back to negative reviews sooner or later. But I felt, well, ol' Glennon probably had enough on her plate this week, she didn't need me sniping at her. And thank you for describing my style as entertaining--now that was kind of you. YOU have done your deed of helping someone today (I needed the boost). Thank you.

I want to know how one gets arrested for being a food addict (unless it has something to do with the Twinkie defense).

I am a little less sanguine that you are about our political future, but I do agree with your new book title (write it CR, it will sell). My motto of late is "Don't Be An A**hole". It is a twist on paying it forward, I guess, but it has helped me some in my own behavior and in my judgment of others behavior.

If you can get arrested for being a food addict nobody better call the cops while I'm making my way through a pack of Reese's peanut butter cups! (Twinkie defense, Ruthiella, tee hee.)

I will get to work on my book. It's a problem. I've got the "I'm an asshole" part down cold but how to really get along with people? Still struggling with that one sometimes (a lot). Good luck with your "don't be an a**hole" plan; I agree that when I'm busy telling myself not to be obnoxious it keeps me distracted from judging others as much. Happy weekend, dear.

Or, as Wheaton's Law has it, "Don't be a dick."


I wish I could be as sanguine about the election results as you are, but I am concentrating on positive actions I can take in response, not (ultimately) futile protests. If there's anything like a silver lining (which, trust me, I'm not accustomed to looking for), it's FINALLY hammered home to me the lesson that I can't count on politicians to save the world -- I've got to do a little bit of world-saving on my own.

Even if it's just getting the d&*n dishes washed.

(But don't give up on the negative reviews entirely! Not being mean is one thing, but if we can't say terrible things about things that are terrible ... well, what will I have left to live for?)

Yeah, "Don't be a dick" works too. It's a high bar but we can dream.

"Sanguine" is a relative term. I have the luxury of having small children who keep me too exhausted to really care too much about politics. It's nice. But I, like you, have basically come to terms with the fact that we're all going to have to start looking for each other, as the more typical channels like government and institutions are all becoming too unwieldy and too stupid to do much good at all. I started tonight by washing my own dishes and then chasing said children around while making monkey noises. It's a start.

I'll never be able to give up negative reviews, actually. I am, after all, a negative person! (Although I'll always have your comments to live for, the comments are always way better than any of my reviews anyway.)

Bravo. Thank you. Needed an essay like this from a person like you.

Oh, Susan, you're welcome. Calling my dishpan-hand musings anything as organized as an "essay" is very kind of you. :)

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