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23 November 2016


I heard the authors of TV: The Book on a podcast recently, and they made the book sound like a lot of fun. But I'm nervous to get it because the list of TV shows I want to watch is already way too long!

My current TV addiction is The Royals on Netflix. I'm almost done with it, and I don't know what I'll watch next. I've also been sporadically watching shows I've seen before and loved (Cheers, Frasier, The X-Files), so maybe I'll stick with one of those for a while. And I found the latest UK season of the Great British Bakeoff on YouTube.

The latest TV show me and the hubby can agree on is RAY DONOVAN, all three seasons available at your local library. Ray is a fixer in L.A, but has a Boston catholic family that makes for much drama. Ray is a jerk, but you love him. And he's adorable, Liev Schreiber is Ray.

Happy Turkey Day to you and the family!!

Ooh, I've not heard any interviews with the authors yet, but they do seem to love tv, and I can certainly relate to that!

MMMmmmm The X-Files. Another show I'd like to sit right down and watch from start to finish, right now. When do we get our holiday to do that, rather than go hang out with relatives? We could call it TVGiving Day. It would be huge.

Oooh, you know I love me some Catholic drama (and not just my homegrown variety, being a dramatic Catholic in a dramatic Catholic family! :)) I really like Liev Schreiber too. Add Ray Donovan to the ol' mile-long TBwatched list. Thank you!

Happy Turkey Day to you and yours, too. I swear one of these days I will get over to your library to see you.

Hey, Citizen -- thanks for the shout-out about the aviation books post!

TV books can be weirdly alluring... When I read "Live from New York: An Uncensored History of Saturday Night Live" by Tom Shales and James Andrew Miller, *I could not put it down.* So much gossip, so much insider information. I think some of the appeal is that we watch these people on TV and begin to feel like we sort of know them (even though we obviously *know* that we don't). So getting the inside scoop is even more voyeuristically (coined a word there) satisfying. For this weirdo, anyway.

catching up ...



okay. Just had to express that.

I used to really not be into TV, but even though reading will always be my best friend, I've started to enjoy TV too, especially while working on my thesis and too brain dead to keep up with reading. I'd love to combine the two interests by reading some books on TV and I haven't yet. The Platinum Age of TV sounds particularly interesting to me. I think learning more about either the history of TV or particular shows I like could be a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing your list!

You're very welcome! You wrote a great post.
When I worked at the library I shelved that "Live from New York" book a million times--and I always wondered about it. Might still have to check it out!
BTW, we love weirdos around here. Keep up the great weird work, you weirdo.

Of COURSE you love Remington Steele. I just knew that about you.

Thank you, Katie, for your great blog! And the comment. I think I'm going to look into "the Platinum Age of TV" too, so will try and post about it. Yup, sometimes there's just nothing like a little TV at the end of the day. I'm just going to own that from now on!

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