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15 January 2017


Ah, CR, reading your links and incisive commentary is my weekly treat. I always end up sharing half of them around.

I read THE OTHER years ago, and remember nothing about it except that it was more ... unpleasant, I guess ... than "creepy". Less Hitchcock's VERTIGO, more Fellini's SATYRICON.

I also love Melville House - if nothing else, for reminding me of the marvellously useful term "Gleichschaltung", which I expect to be employing a lot over the next four years. (That essay you link to is actually the second of four, all worth reading)

Also worth reading is Solnit's essay, which I hope you have perused by now. She managed to capture EXACTLY my feelings over the past year.

What are you planning to do when you reach the horrible bits about Native Americans in LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE? I confess that I skipped those parts when reading the series to my children.

Your comments (as well as others'--I love the comments here) are my weekly treat!

I still want to read "The Other," even if unpleasant. It did give me very definite heebie jeebs, only a few pages in, so we'll see if I make it through the whole thing.

LOVE Melville House. Melville House forever.

I just read the Solnit this morning and am thinking about it. So much there is right on. Then again I only had my feminist awakening around age 40 or so, so I'm still busy thinking all that through in a way I never did before. It'll take me some time to catch up.

Well, yeah, the Indians. You know, it's historical, that's what they called them. There's no use in acting like they didn't. We read the text as is and just last night we talked about how then they called them Indians and now they prefer to be called Native Americans. I won't wait too long and we'll also talk about what a shithead move it was on Charles Ingalls's part to try to take over land in Indian Territory before it was "opened for settlement." Because it was, even if the Ingalls had serious and understandable financial issues too, which I think they did. That will have to wait just a bit. Mr. CR has let it be known that he prefers I not use vocabulary like "shithead move" until CRjr is at least 7. I figure, shithead moves are all around, why wait?

I wanted to read In The Great Green Room, the biography of Margaret Wise Brown. What a disappointment!!!!! Run right out and avoid this one.

OH NO! And it's getting such good press. Now I have to look at it out of morbid curiosity. Still. Disappointing to hear, but thanks for the heads up!

I started Game of Thrones. Gods, what a terrible show. Lazy storytelling, cliched dialogue, horrible acting, no character development, predictable plotlines. And why do the characters always promise to talk more later? And I'm still waiting for someone to have a motivation other than power, which is the laziest motivation anyone can come up with. I can't believe this show is so well-regarded. It has no drama or suspense. Game of Thrones sucks.

Never seen the show, can't say I want to. But then I am starting to weary just a tad of violence, and I hear there's a bit of it there. Have you read the books?
What's a less lazy motivation than power? And don't say love. Or are you just looking for a little nuance like maybe more than just one motivation?

I couldn't get more than 100 pages into the first book. The writing is terrible. Sometimes bad writing is forgivable, like the Godfather novel, if you've read that. (Puzo, to his credit, said he wasn't trying to write a good book, he was trying to put food on the table. I'd say he succeeded there, and then some.) Martin's bad writing is so bad it's distracting. I kept waiting for the next howler of a sentence.

Game of Thrones is violent, but it's so overwhelming at first that you get desensitized to it later on. Mostly, it's just people talking, promising to talk more later, and thinly veiled threats. And because I'm hard on stories, I keep picking out the plot holes. (Like, in one instance, a character is injured and basically in a coma for three or four weeks. My question is, how did his family feed him? He seemingly lies there asleep, all these weeks, no food, no water, and not wasting away.) Mostly, I just find it tiresome. Incest, rape, talking about war exploits, talking about necrophilia.

I don't think there's a less lazy motivation than power. These people want power so they can do whatever they want. That's boring, probably because I can't relate to it. One has to be in a pretty high position to begin with to seize power.

Well, I read the first book, but that was enough.

Who do you think is a good fantasy writer?

I'll freely admit I need sleep more than I need power. Now THAT's a motivation!

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