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30 January 2017


Thank you for the Conan Doyle link! I've just ordered it for our library and expect it to be popular; we've also just recently re-purchased a lot of the classics with new covers and it's amazing how well they are circulating.

The Passage...zzzzz.

I love that list of modern Gothic novels! It's a good reminder that I need to reread Fingersmith already because that book is GREAT. And also, I strenuously agree that there's nothing to fear and much to love in essay collections. When a book with an interesting title turns out to be an essay collection, it's nothing but a draw for me -- so much more digestible than a monograph!

You're very welcome. Can you believe I've never read a single ACD story or book? That is just wrong. I'm going to skip this last season of Sherlock on PBS (it got too dark for me) and read some of the source material as well. So glad to hear the classics have some life in them yet! I'll take that as a metaphor or something for myself as I continue to age rapidly... :)

Yeah, I think I read the Passage too but can't remember...zzzzz.

I too LOVED that Gothic list, and was surprised how many I'd read. (And it also grew my TBR list, dammit...)
I would like to read Fingersmith but I might have to compromise and watch the Brit TV adaptation starring Keeley Hawes instead...Have you seen it?
Ugh, "monograph." That word has always bothered me. I know it's a more specific/scholarly term, but just call them "books" already!

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