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01 February 2017


I think I initially was really interested to read this one, like when it first came out and I first heard about it, and then I heard some less than inspiring things about it. And like, if it's not going to be a really terrific book, I felt I'd rather preserve my peace of mind about hotels. :p

Well CR, initially I thought it must have been your blog, but I went looking a bit further & found it on EarlyWord (pretty much, now that RAO is gone, the only other RA blog besides yours that I check regularly).

Here you go http://www.earlyword.com/2012/11/16/new-title-radar-nov-19-thru-24/

Hope it helps!

Well darn. I'm bummed you didn't like this book (I think I'm the one who suggested it as it made my list of Good Books of 2016). Maybe this resonated with me as entertaining because I once worked in the hospitality industry. People really are that weird, and demanding, and sketchy. :)

Well, once all the news about bedbugs coming back hit...pretty much all the fun went out of hotels for me. Which was a shame, because I LOVE hotels. And airports. Something about the absolutely neutral spaces--love that. Still will try because otherwise I'll just have to give up and become a complete agoraphobe.

You ARE the best. You can always tell the librarian in a crowd. :) Thanks!

No worries. You'll notice I still read the whole thing, so it was still an interesting read. Stuff I'm really not enjoying I just ditch. I think it was your site I saw it on--and I still appreciate your pointer to something different. This book seems to have gotten a lot of press, so I was surprised I hadn't already gotten it!

I too worked in service (mostly in the food industry, though, not hospitality) and then in public service at the library, so I had NO problem believing people are that sketchy. Those details were fine, and interesting, and actually I got kind of a kick out of the inside look at valet parking.

Hi CR,

Like LynnW, I thought I had read about this book on your blog first too! But I see that Thomas reviewed it (https://hogglestock.com/2014/03/08/succeeding-by-failing/) so that is probably where I first heard about it.

I love knowing a community of readers who are also research/librarian types.
I know that I didn't see this book at Thomas's blog--it's been far too long since I visited Hogglestock (which I will have to remedy now). I do think I heard about it at Drew's site...but it's funny how this book has been popping up all over!
Thanks for the sleuthing!

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