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13 February 2017


Oh man, I came so close to successfully bringing my nephew to the library on the appointed day. SO CLOSE. We brought him to the library for the first time on that SUNDAY. Had I but known. We had a great time at the library, anyway. The peanut enjoyed the children's room very much. I pretend-chomped him with a crocodile puppet!

by one day!! Arrgh! Oh well, no worries, that's certainly close enough for guv'mint work.
So glad a good time was had by all. I love taking the CRjrs to the library, although standard germophobe rules apply and we all have to take a hit of hand sanitizer when we leave AND scrub down when we get home. But all things considered the library's a lot more fun and cleaner than say, the mall play area, also known as the Flu Funhouse. Give me a library over the mall any day!

I like the list of Dystopian fiction. It contains titles that are often not talked about.

The English and their history looks interesting. Its length and depth seem appropriate for the subject. However it may be too broad of a topic to really fit into a single book.

Yes, I thought that about that Dystopian list too. I actually tend to read more upbeat fiction than not, but at least a couple of the titles there were appealing.

The England book, I can tell you, was not only 900 pages, but looked like quite the dense pages at that. At least one review I read of it was very, very positive, so I do want to make sure and get it back sometime to see if someone truly can cover that history in one volume!

Grant and Lincoln in the same post... you know how to keep an Unruly one happy!

(Hoping no one attempts to put Grant in a musical... please God, no surly looking dude stomping around the stage with a cigar hanging out of his mouth)

Or writing his memoirs while suffering from cancer...I too must confess I don't think a musical about Grant would be a rollicking good time.

If I've made you happy, Unruly, that makes my week!

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