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20 February 2017


Note to self: Read Expatriates before it becomes a T.V. show.

CR, I encourage you to re-read My Antonia. I read it for the first time and just fell in love with Cather’s writing. Next up in 2017 is (hopefully) The Professor’s House.

I don't think I'm familiar with Gay Talese's work, but I do remember him saying some really annoying things in recent interviews. As so often, I remember the emotion and not the specifics. :p

I did not know about this Rogue One-adjacent Star Wars novel. INTERESTING.

I can't say I thought to either read or watch "Expatriates"--would you let me know if the book is any good?
I read "My Antonia" in high school and have memories of really liking it. I'm curious if that impression would be the same now! Further bulletins as events warrant.

Yeah, Talese can be obnoxious, if memory serves. A bit brash and a bit fluid with what the term "nonfiction" really means for me.


Hey--very happy to help with any Star Wars news! I can't keep up with any of it personally (it's like the X-Men movies franchise, which I have totally lost track of, which hurts me, as James McAvoy has been in some of those movies, and I LOVES me some James McAvoy) but I know Star Wars titles in any form are always big news.

Yikes, I have been 'looking away' from any MiloY crap. I felt kicked in the gut when I saw a good friend had 'shared' a post on him (or by him, not sure, I 'looked away'. FAST) I mean, how COULD SHE?! Does she not know? sigh...)

Yes, I agree with my friend Ruthiella (Hi Ruthiella!) with the suggestion to reread My Antonia. I thought I would be bored out of my mind but ended up LOVING that book. :)

I didn't know about Five Books but it looks wonderful. Will have to visit with more exploration soon.

and a Hi to you and Jenny, as well. Always fun to visit and see friends here.

Well, Milo has had a tough week. I would imagine everyone will look away so fast now, it will be cruel in the other direction. What a strange world we live in.

Good to know about My Antonia! I've got to get it!

So glad to see you and I agree, I love catching up with you all here. Thanks for commenting, as always. :)

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