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15 February 2017


So with you on Judd Apatow. Never understood the ardor for his films.

THANK YOU. No one ever agrees with me that Apatow's movies are too long, which I can't believe, especially since it seems all our attention spans are so much shorter than they used to be. I mean really 129 minutes for "Knocked Up"? Opposites attract and get accidentally pregnant? You should be able to tell that story in 88 minutes. I think the sum total of his appeal is that he casts really talented actors: Rudd, Leslie Mann, Steve Carell, etc.
Okay. End rant. But it's nice to know I'm not the only one out there wondering why this guy is hailed as the genius of twenty-first-century humor.

Hmmm... I have the Daily Show book out from the library but I haven't even opened it. I was a pretty hard-core Daily Show fan during part of Jon Stewart's tenure (and I watch it once in a while now). But really long oral histories online sometimes get tedious, especially if there's not much context. We'll see how it goes. At the very least, there might be some good bits worth skimming from the period when I watched the show all the time.

I really enjoyed the Daily Show during the Stewart years but could only catch it periodically, online. I think about Jon Stewart sometimes and wonder if he's super happy to be out of it so he doesn't have to spend four years coming up with jokes about Trump. I mean, in one way, it's low-hanging fruit, but in another...well, it's really low-hanging fruit.

I do think you'll find quite a few tidbits in this book if you were a dedicated watcher. Skim-read it a bit to get to topics you're interested in--I read quite a bit of the Samantha Bee/Jason Jones stuff and enjoyed that, and I enjoyed most of the correspondents' takes on the show's atmosphere and jokes.

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