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08 February 2017


You'll have to excuse me. I must add this book to my TBR list RIGHT NOW.

You're excused! Let me know what you think of this one; I'm not a particularly good judge of biographies. If I'm really interested in the person I tend not to be very picky about biography writing style. But I thought this was a good one!

Hahahah, I am sure a lot of us can relate to wanting to be taller and thinner! I was the tiniest kid in my class until I hit puberty, and even though I am a very reasonable height now (tallish for a girl even!), I perpetually wish I were taller. Wouldn't it be lovely to be like 5'9"? (is what I always think)

Yes, every time the biography talked about Victoria really loving her food and having to watch it a little bit because of her weight...I certainly felt like a kindred spirit to the monarch!
Weirdly, my shortness has never bothered me, although it certainly doesn't do me any favor in the stoutness department. Once I sat behind a basketball player on a plane and I thought, I'm so glad I'm short! :)

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