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20 March 2017


Hey CR,

I'm hoping you or someone else here can help. A little old lady (and I mean that in the nicest possible way, she was about 80 years old and 4'8" tall) complained that she couldn't find anything to read in our library - "it's all conservative and I am not. conservative!"

Turns out she wants political stuff, which is not at all my field of expertise or interest. But she couldn't give me any examples or topics. I told her if she gave me some idea of what she is interested in I would be happy to purchase them, but so far I haven't heard back.

I do know our collection has more conservative titles on political topics, because that's mostly what we've received requests for. And I'd like to redress that, but: help?

PS Thanks for the link to Foxfire. Our copies here are old and tattered but I didn't realize they were still available from the publisher! We're going to order the complete set plus a couple more; they're very popular here.

Hi Lynne!
You're welcome about the Foxfire; I haven't seen them discussed for ages (and don't know where my copy of an issue got to) so I'd totally forgotten about them!

Okay, political stuff. Off the top of my head:
"Liberal": Rachel Maddow, Robert Reich, Chris Hayes, Molly Ivins (dated now but still available and funny), politicians like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren
"Progressive": Thomas Frank, Jim Hightower, perhaps even Wendell Berry?

Related: political history/biography? Ron Chernow's "Hamilton" (it's huge now, of course) or "Team of Rivals" by Doris Kearns Goodwin about Abe Lincoln's political smarts?

If I think of anything else I'll pop back in. Anyone else have any ideas? Also--if any of those are hits or misses please comment on any new post, Lynne, or email, and I'll see if I can follow anything she might like with more related picks.

Thanks CR,

This is a great start! We had a few of these: Rachel Maddow, Wendell Berry, Ron Chernow & Doris Kearns Goodwin. I've started a list to show her when she comes back, and get a better idea of what kinds of things she is interested in.

More suggestions are always welcome, but at least now I have a clue ;-)

You're welcome, Lynne!
I had a couple of other thoughts: Andrew Bacevich, who is former military and very thoughtful on military topics (and is NOT conservative), is a VERY good author.
Perhaps something by Ron Paul? He was Republican but decidedly more libertarian or independent.

Hahahaha, A Generation of Sociopaths seems to be putting it a little strongly, right?

Thanks again CR - Bacevich led me to TomDispatch.com and several other subjects/titles.

Oooh thanks Jenny. Hadn't heard of this one. It's now on my order list.

Well, I've waited on a lot of Baby Boomers in my time (at the farmer's market where I worked, at restaurants, at the public library) and honestly...I think "sociopaths" might be a kind word. They were not good tippers, I know that much. Ha! I'll read the book and let you know if it's just a little too much (or not).

PS Thanks again Jenny - I followed your blog link and gained another rec, this one for Mishell Baker's Urban Fantasy series! UF is rather popular here and I'm thrilled to add another option for our readers.

Now I'm back to your blog to check out what else you have ~

I'm reading Textbook by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Very sorry to hear of her death. I loved Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. Reading Textbook posthumously makes my heart hurt. So much fun and creativity stilled.

Yes, anyone passing at 51...very sad. I've not read any of her works but the name seemed familiar. I will look into "Textbook," and I LOVE the title "Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life." Maybe I'll start there.

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