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27 March 2017


Yes, I liked "The Bitch is Back" too. I did not read the first one, but I really appreciated the life perspective (ie older) of these essays.

And Sheryl Sandberg — yawn.

And another yawn — Chelsea Clinton writing a children's book.

(You bring out the crank in me. thank you).

It is my firm belief that cranks just do not get enough respect in this world.

Yes, I definitely enjoyed bits of "The Bitch is Back." Not entirely crazy about the title but that's a small quibble.

I also share your yawns! Why anyone thinks Sheryl Sandberg has any lessons other than "how millions of dollars will make your life easier," to teach, I'll never know.

Thanks to the link on Colin Dexter. I just finished the 10th Inspector Morse novel this weekend. I have never seen the T.V. series, however, which per the article made Morse somewhat less unpleasant and sexist...which would not be difficult. He is pretty pervy IMO in the books. But the mysteries are complex and challenging.

Oh yes! I need to read The Bitch Is Back for sure! I read the first one and liked it a lot. Also, I am frustrated with white nationalists in SO MANY WAYS including the fact that they keep glomming onto things that don't suck and MAKING THOSE THINGS FEEL LIKE THEY SUCK even though they (like Jane Austen) demonstrably do not suck.

You know, I'd like to read one of the Inspector Morse books. I just watched a few episodes of the series (for my other project--http://greatbritishtv.com/) because I LOVE the sequels, called Inspector Lewis, but the Morse series is...different. Morse's interest in every woman involved in each case? It seems harmless enough but I kept having the basic question of, um, is the lead investigator in a homicide supposed to be chatting up suspects and other closely involved parties? It just seemed a bit hinky! Not sure I'm up for downright pervy...but I would be interested to see how the books compare to the show.

Yes, I enjoyed "The Bitch is Back." My question for you is, how do you feel about that title? The more I type it the more it bugs me.
I actually had to take it back to the library before I was done but might get it back; I think there was good stuff there that I didn't get to read (because I did enjoy what I did read!).

Ugh, white nationalists. I think we can agree to agree that they are sucktastic.

I am glad that Lincoln in the Bardo is being made into a movie. I haven't yet read the book, but am sure I would like it.

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