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08 March 2017


I'm so glad I'm not the only one who does this! Fully 2/3 of the books I borrow, I never read. I dip in a toe, don't like the water temp, and walk away. On the positive side, at least I've spent just enough time/energy with the sad rejected ones that I have some familiarity with them.

I return so many books to the library unread. Often, I don't even open them, and then they're due with no renewals. I figure I'm scratching my book-shopping itch without actually spending money (other than the small fines).

Of these, I enjoyed Truevine, but it's set in my hometown, and there was a lot of local history that I'd never learned. Which I realize doesn't really answer your question as to whether you should read it. There's some interesting stuff in the early chapters about life in the Jim Crow south, and it is a pretty amazing story overall.

Well, I would guess all librarians, book pros, etc., can't help but carry around armloads of books wherever they go. Even with ebooks! There's just something more fun (and better for our health) about carrying around the old-fashioned kind. And I agree, even if I'm 99% sure I won't get something read, I always bring it home to give it the once-over, check out the bib and index, blurbs, pictures, etc. You can learn a lot about a book in a few minutes!

Actually, library shopping has made me almost unable to store shop. My first thought when I want to buy something is always, well, I think I'll just get that from the library instead.

Thanks for the info on Truevine. Have you read "Factory Man" by the same author? Wonder which one would be better to read.

I have not read Factory Man, although I have a copy and hope to get to it soonish. It seems relevant to a lot of the conversations going on about blue-collar jobs, and I've heard only good things about it. (Beth Macy was my writing teacher, and I've been following her work off and on for years.)

I'm trying to get better about returning library books that aren't pulling me in. I have a tough time doing that, but I did return one last week!

I read Truevine a while back and found it pretty interesting. I would start with that one!

D'oh! I had just decided to get "Factory Man" instead but now, the votes are even. I'll just have to make time to read that AND Truevine, based on your suggestion.
Also glad to hear we're all lugging more home from the library than we can possibly get read.

I haven't read any of those, so I feel totally confident saying you're fine without them. :p I started reading Random Acts of Senseless Violence this week and it just wasn't working for me. Not enough going on in the first half, too much language nonsense in the second half.

Yes, well, you get to the point where you realize you just have to let a lot of (probably good) titles go. There's just not enough time!
Too, too bad about "Random Acts of Senseless Violence"--that's a great title. Hope you found something else to read that grabbed you!

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