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22 March 2017


Oh, MAN, I want to read this book right this minute! (...says the woman who's knee-deep in book club books and Chernow's magnificent and apparently neverending Hamilton).

I can't resist a good workplace narrative OR a good cop book. Dang, Citizen. You're killing me here.

(Thank you.)


I thought of YOU, because I knew you enjoyed the book by Steve Osborne, about the "cop life." I think you will find much of interest here. Homicide detectives, wow, that's an interesting group of people.

Good luck with "Hamilton." I brought it home this winter and decided not to even start it--too daunting! Maybe it will be my Christmas book next year--the one I take along to read when I can't sleep at my in-laws'!

I'm loving Hamilton, but it's like my nephew eating that bowl of mac & cheese that seemed to keep refilling itself from the bottom up. It may never end. (This is not a particular problem.)

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