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12 April 2017


That is kind of a big asterisk at the end there, but that's not stopping me. This is high on my TBR. I suspect there aren't too many degrees separating me from this guy.

Oh, Jessica,
Yes, I understand you about the asterisk. But he was fired on a completely different story; I think this is the second book he's written after that transgression. If anything I would guess maybe he works a little tighter and cleaner than other journalists now, for fear of being charged with such a thing again?

Yeah, I totally hear you. I mean, I couldn't go without a hot shower for more than 24 hours, but I did find the idea that this guy just hung out by himself for so long (and so near to so many other people) absolutely fascinating. The "how" of it alone makes this short book worthwhile, but it's got other interesting angles too.

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