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10 April 2017


I'm fairly new to Didion, but am loving her. South and West is short, but at the end it was like, WOW - she said all that?

Oh, Melanie, how many great things you have in store for you if you're just starting with Didion. I know it's the cliche one to suggest but have you read "The Year of Magical Thinking" by her? Stupendous. All her essays, really, WOW. Although I have never been able to understand or enjoy her fiction, I'll admit that.

Oooh CR, please read the book on Prince Charles and report back! I don't want to read it myself but I want to read your blog post about it!

I'm already on hold for it at the library, Ruthiella, because I am powerless to resist any new (or old, for that matter) book about the British royal family.

Yeah for new reader in the house! I love that his younger brother clocked him with a book, make sure and put that in the baby book. You are keeping a daily journal complete with scrapbooked pictures right??? HA! Thanks for your weekly book news, it saves me sooooo much time. So I can do important things like weed the cd collection. And get rid of Nickleback ones.

Yeah, watching someone pick up reading (and seeming to enjoy it) is very, VERY satisfying. I hope he always enjoys it. And I hope his little brother stops clocking him with books. Neither of them seem to have an inkling about minimizing blunt force injuries to their heads.

So glad to be of assistance so you can spend more time weeding CDs. I must admit I do not miss one of my old jobs at the library: photocopying CD booklets when patrons lost them. Sigh. As per usual I'm also glad not to be in charge of tax form distribution at the library anymore either! I always think of that this time of year, that and trying to get people out of the library on April 14 when they were still asking which forms they needed.

Oh my gosh. I'd like the Prince Charles, and the White House chiefs of staff, with a side of Jewish holidays, please.

The nonfiction publishing world is making my eyes way too big for my... [I don't think this metaphor is working]

Anyway: so much good stuff.

Hahahah, I want to stomp on Marvel's head for saying such a boneheaded thing. It's particularly maddening because the ONLY WAY that they track sales (this drives me nuts) is through traditional local comic book store sales of floppies only. Ie they don't care about trade paperback sales or digital sales, which is how ALL THE NEW READERS read the comics, which is HEY GUESS WHAT most of the women and people of color who don't feel welcome in comic book stores. I am the angriest emoji face. :p

Oh, I know. With nonfiction lately I feel like I do looking at my Easter basket...so many goodies, so little time...

And when I say my Easter basket, I mean my kids' Easter baskets. Yeah, I eat their candy sometimes. It's because I love them SO MUCH I'm trying to cut down on their sugar intake. Uh-huh, right.

I thought there were so many weird things about that story. I'm like, Marvel Dude, are you actually saying that OUT LOUD? To someone else? I couldn't decide it was disarming because it sounded so stupid or just plain stupid? In re: your point about how comics sales are tabulated, well, I'm guessing just plain stupid. So bummed by the whole story, really. Aren't they just glad to have anyone in comics stores? Can't believe they're making anyone feel unwelcome.

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