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24 April 2017


Feel better, CR. For what it's worth, I've been cranky all month too. (who am I kidding? I've been In A Mood since November)

And as to the last post, on swimming, I am proud to say that I am possibly the last person to graduate from a Missouri high school without passing the state-required swimming test. (Refused to do it. Point blank. I have to take my glasses off in the pool, you see, and then I can't tell one end of the pool from the other, or the water from the air until I try to breathe it. And where in Missouri was I going to need to swim "in case of an emergency", anyways? They don't even let you within a hundred feet of the river in St. Louis! What were they going to do? Refuse to graduate the valedictorian? I think they just lied on the form...)

Hapax, m'dear,


Let's hear it for crankiness and lack of swimming prowess. Good on you, valedictorian. (Proving why you were the valedictorian; clearly you were smart enough to avoid the swimming component.) My high school got a pool the last damn year I had to take gym, and I refused to get in the pool too. I told them every time that I had my period. After two weeks of this the gym teacher said, "No, you don't." And I said, "Are you going to check?" That was the end of that. Sure I got a C for the quarter but that still counts among my finest moments.

Feel better yourself, my friend, but always: keep refusing. :)

Incidentally, I have never been to Missouri so I have to ask this question: how and why do they keep you 100 feet back from the river in St. Louis? In LaCrosse, WI, there's a whole riverside park that simply ends AT the river--literally a concrete drop off with the river right there, and a sidewalk running right next to it.

The levee used to be enormous, and very ugly and inaccessible. I've been told that a few years back they overhauled the entire riverfront area (right near the Arch) and it's much nicer now.


(I love the internet but it is nice to have a break from it sometimes.)

Oh, a levee. I don't think I've ever seen a levee. I'm going to have to get a book on that!

Jenny dear,
Thank yew for your support! Nothing quite beats the Internet for being a love/hate relationship, does it?

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