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19 April 2017


We need to start a moody club, only that sounds more social than what either of us would care for. A moody newsletter?

I love swimming but I never do it because it involves swimsuits and I do not love my body in a swimsuit, and unless you get a swimsuit designed for elderly women, you have to remove hair that does not want to be removed.

I wish you were right down the road so we could get together for a moody drink. And Easter candy. I feel our moody co-situation definitely demands many whiskeys and marshmallow eggs.

I wish I loved swimming. I learned, but then once as I was struggling to make it the length of the pool doing my slow crawl, .I thought, Why am I making it harder to breathe? This is the dumbest activity ever. I don't think I've willingly gone in a pool since. Also because I'm not in love with my body anywhere (see earlier whiskey and chocolate eggs diet). But at least I solved that. Get a good pair of swim shorts and some sort of basic camisole/swim top. I still hate swimming but I love my swim shorts. No sucking in my gut, no shaving, and no pulling my suit out of the crack of my ass every time I heave myself ungracefully out of the pool.

TMI? Blame the ridiculousness of swimming in pools, not me.

By the way, I've seen your body, and you've no cause to be concerned about a swimsuit. God love young girls these days, they do seem to walk around in swimsuits completely un-self-consciously, regardless of body type. I look at them and wonder, why did I waste so much time in high school worrying about my tummy? Pointless.

I don't mean to brag but I am quite good at drinking whiskey and eating Easter candy.

Related: My body has gotten bigger. My self-confidence, unfortunately, has not.

Aahh CR, I don’t even have children and I get overwhelmed ALL THE TIME. Who are these people who get out of bed each morning and just do what needs to be done without obsessing over their sheer existence? I am not kidding you, YARD WORK can flummox me.

I can swim and it is helpful to know how to do it. I suppose a fluency in a second language might save my life someday, but knowing how to swim definitely could save my life in the right circumstance.

Oh, and thinks for the Didion review. I have only read The Year of Magical Thinking but was so blown away by it. I really must read more of her work!

Hey, don't knock our whiskey n' chocolate skills. That stuff is not for lightweights.
Plus, you could be two or three of the you I've previously seen and you still wouldn't have to worry.
Oh, self-confidence, how I miss it. Oddly enough I used to have it, but no more. A great band called Blue Rodeo has a song with these lyrics: "I wanna know where my confidence went, one day it all disappeared."

Oh, god, Ruthiella, YARD WORK--I hadn't even thought of that yet.

Flummoxed! Flummoxed and in a mood! Whatever shall I do? Wherever shall I go?

Yeah, swimming. I'm in the Midwest so it's pretty easy to avoid water (and therefore to avoid having to save myself), and let's face it, if there's one thing I'm learning from CRjr's shark books, it's that if my plane goes down over the ocean I just want to drown before the Oceanic Whitetips show up. But I get it.

Oh, Didion. I'll love to hear what you think. I wouldn't start here, though. I'd go for one of her essay collections, like Slouching Towards Bethlehem or The White Album, just to see her starting out.

Aw, this is making me want to go swimming. Gosh how I love to swim. But you're right! After kids grow up, they hardly ever need to swim. On the other hand, it's excellent exercise to swim and kids generally enjoy doing it. So it has that going for it? Right?

Yeah, the kids seem to like swimming too, so Mr. CR is right: I should probably just encourage that. That attitude holds until I read about something gross getting passed around in community pools...

How's that for making you want to go swimming? :)

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