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03 May 2017


I read Claire Fuller's debut Our Endless Numbered Days and also just found it OK so I will skip her follow up I think.

I have never read any Jami Attenberg and will put The Middlesteins on my list!

I'd be super interested to hear anything you think about any of Jami Attenberg's books!

Hahahahaha, that bit with her therapist is v. humorous. It sounds like a wonderfully funny book, and I love a book that actually can make me both laugh and cry (v. rare!).

Yes, for some reason I was tickled by the smart formulation of "that comprises a rational argument" with the perfect childishness of "whose side are you on?" Good stuff. I'd love to hear what you think of it too!

I have followed Attenberg on Twitter and have had her books on my tbr far too long.

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