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15 May 2017


Curtis Sittenfeld never ceases to leave me face-punchy. There's a name for what she's doing: it's called "Real Person Fanfiction", it's normally committed by fourteen-year-olds mooning over pop stars, and it's as creepy as all get out. For heaven's sake, at least wait until the poor woman's dead -- hasn't she suffered enough?

I simply cannot get into James Patterson's books, but I have to say that he's been almost as great a boon to publishing and libraries as Rowling.

Tor's great "experiment" is a full-cast audio book? Oh-kay. (My patrons HATE those)

And of course people who read books are nicer. If I'm reading, I'm probably not paying attention to the news!

P.S. Re the Gaitskill quote: So, are you becoming more citizen-y, or more reader-ish? Either would be lovely and useful in these parlous times (see above comment)

Hapax, Lovely,
I'm becoming more of a bitter old bag, is what I'm becoming!

But it would be better to become more citizen-y. Becoming more reader-y is never a problem. But I struggle with the citizen bit, mainly because I am usually happiest when not too close to other citizens.

UGH James Patterson. I know we're supposed to be glad when anyone reads anything but honestly, he's kind of a hog, isn't he? A workaholic hog?

TEE HEE "face-punchy." That just sums up my entire attitude toward Curtis Sittenfeld and whatever she is doing. Although I do think any woman deserves better than Bill Clinton, so maybe she'll have fun imagining that.

Huh, your patrons hate full-cast audio books? I wonder why. But I've never listened to one. Isn't the new audio book of the big George Saunders novel about Lincoln going to be full-cast? Maybe I'll have to try that and see what I think.

BTW, Hapax: A belated very happy mother's day to you.


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