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31 May 2017


Well I'll wade into this one - robust access to robust contraception is essential, and it's a prick move to hinder that as well. It's also a prick move to make a woman risk death because she has to carry something that's dead inside her. Now that's an extreme example, but this is happening. I also notice that so many people are "pro life" until the kid is actually born - then forget about him/her/it.

But I see where you are coming from.

Agreed. I am Catholic and do not use chemical birth control but I would much rather support and pay for birth control than abortion. What I'd really like to pay for is the male birth control pill, but of course no one is knocking themselves out developing that.
I hear what you say on the risk to the mother issue too. I miscarried and was offered the option of "helping things along," but opted to let it proceed naturally, and it did. But I am aware that was VERY lucky. It's another tough area. Arguably we all make choices every day that lead to some people having longer lives and some people having shorter (i.e. mostly when we make choices that we want MORE someone else almost always ends up having LESS, leading to shorter life spans)--many of our prick stands on poor people, incarceration, etc.--but it is thrown into sharp relief in a mother/fetus situation. I'll grant you that is a grey area for me too.

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