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24 May 2017


think with the ever easier ability for “non-professionals” to film and edit their own material, the advent of kickstarter and paetron etc. and how video streaming allows for niche markets to be addressed, we need worry too much about our future entertainment options. It is really the studios and the corporations that run them that need to be thinking how THEY will stay relevant as consumers move towards other options.

Anywhoo, sounds like an interesting book. I recently also heard about a book called Brat Pack America by Kevin Smokerler which you might like. Sounded pretty interesting…more about the cultural influences of those films, what brought them into being and what are their lasting effects.

Sorry, that should have started with "I don't think..."

Well, that's true, Ruthiella. I know it's all about the "long tail" now, and more options. All the same, I miss the excitement of the movie-theatre-going experience, and a "mass" cultural event that a lot, even if it's not everybody, of people know about. Take John Cusack. I read once that Chuck Klosterman (a pop culture essayist) was not happy with John Cusack because he (or more specifically, his character from Say Anything, Lloyd Dobler) ruined all the girls of Chuck's generation on real dudes. And he's so totally right--we all loved and still do love Lloyd Dobler and he made most real-life guys look like idiots. That's the kind of groupthink I don't mind.

OOOOOhhhhh...I must get "Brat Pack America." Excellent suggestion--thank you.

Wow, I've been doing this too long...here's the Chuck Klosterman quote, and more on John Cusack, from THIS blog, circa 2008:



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