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10 May 2017


Thanks CR! I needed you to read this book for me and you did : ). Was there any tidbit in the book that you ,as a British royal family fan and Anglophile, were surprised to learn?

So glad to be of help. You know, the whole book was interesting precisely because I don't know very much about Charles at all. I did enjoy learning that people consider him to have a not unintelligent, but "disorganized" mind, and that his office and staff is similarly unstructured (as compared to the Queen's routine and staff, which are all set up to run like clockwork, evidently). He's interested in all kinds of spirituality, which I thought was interesting, exploring the thoughts of many "gurus" like Laurens van der Post and wanting, at one point, to attend a mass given by John Paul II when traveling in Rome, which the Queen and the Church of England weren't happy about.

I also didn't realize how long he and Camilla had known each other; they dated before she married Andrew Parker Bowles.

There! If I think of any other "must-know" tidbits I'll let you know.

I confess that even though I have Royal Watcher tendencies, I'm left a bit cold by Prince Charles. Probably I should read this book. (Probably I won't.)

Thanks for the great review... so I can know what I feel like I should know about the book. (Thank goodness it's gossipy!)

Well, I kind of think that's the case with everyone (Prince Charles leaving them a bit cold.)

I think this bio is probably skippable for you. If you really need something royal, I would suggest Smith's earlier biography of the Queen. That was a good quick read, and that also had some Prince Charles in it, of course!

Oooooo! I've been watching The Crown on Netflix, so a good Queen Elizabeth biography sounds rather perfect.

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