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21 June 2017


Good tip. And I happen to know from experience that if you WRITE your reference librarian a thank you letter, you will be thanked mercilessly and your letter will be presented to the Board followed by an official Thank You for your Thank You.

I guess no-one writes to their local library much?

Well, that is just hilarious. And might I just add, thank you for writing your reference librarian a thank-you letter.

See? Old librarian habits die hard.

Two things, three (I just thought of a third): Librarians tend to love the written word, especially letters (ask a librarian if they like epistolary fiction and you'll almost always get an enthusiastic YES!); librarians are always fighting budget cuts and staff shortages and do whatever they can to show their positive impact in the community, even if that means showing off thank-you letters to the board; and third, librarians don't really get thanked a whole lot in their daily work. It means a lot to them!

Word. Librarians work hard and do an awesome job, and I always want them to be happy and feel safe. <3

I'm very fond of scenarios where everyone can feel happy and safe! But yes, particularly librarians.

I once had a patron bring me flowers for helping them with a reference question. (It wasn't even a particularly difficult question)

That was three libraries and [censored] years ago. I still have the vase on display.

Wasn't it funny, the smallest things often result in the biggest gestures. I once had a patron gift me with a DVD of the movie "61*." I think he just liked being able to chat a little baseball and nonfiction (and often baseball nonfiction) with someone for a few minutes each week. I still have the movie too. :) See how we remember? That's a good reminder to try and take some time and make a little gesture to someone else in the future.

This is good advice. Too me, a library is an almost sacred place. I have felt this way since I was a child.

I cannot imagine creating a disturbance in a library.

Actually, the majority of people in a library, even if they aren't thanking their librarian, are treating it as a place they are thankful to have. (Well, sometimes. How people can leave their trash laying around on library tables, study areas, etc., has always been a little beyond me, but I also don't understand chucking stuff out your car window onto the road, either.) And the really sad thing is that a lot of the people causing disturbances really never set out to do so either--it's just a symptom of other issues.

But knowing that never helped me to deal with it any better. There's a reason I don't (can't) work in health care or law enforcement or anything like that. If I see or hear trouble my only thought is to head AWAY from it. Not very heroic, I'll admit.

(And yes, I think libraries are rather sacred too. Just stand me next to a pile of three or four books and I think my heart rate is calmer.)

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