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26 June 2017


You always have the most interesting link round ups. Where do you FIND all this stuff?

I am perhaps more au courant of pop-culture than you -- after all, that's pretty much my job title, "Reader Conversations Librarian, aka pop culture interpreter for collection development" -- so I understood that fanfiction/YouTube article. Understanding, however, doesn't mean that I wasn't completely creeped out and despairing.

People have been having romantic/sexual fantasies about celebrities ever since (at least) Lord Byron, but I for one never considered them public entertainment. There's a lovely old Isaac Asimov short story "Dreaming Is A Private Thing" that foretells exactly this appalling commercialization of public oversharing.

I did, however, summon a smile when I imagined ... oh, say, Oscar Wilde or Jonathan Swift ... being informed that he wrote with a "snarky alt-comedy sensibility.”

Well, when you're a master at wasting time by hanging around the Interwebs, you do at least accidentally trip over some interesting links!

Wow, Reader Conversations Librarian. You hipster! What do you think about doing a Q and A with me about your job sometime for this site? I'd love to hear more about how to do pop culture interpreting.

I totally understand fantasies about celebrities, and to some extent I get fan fiction (and I can't be on my high horse, I've read fan fiction and of course Fifty Shades of Grey"), but I couldn't even figure out which celebrities or stories or culture they were talking about in that article. So sad. I'll blame it on still being tired from my wonky eye and just move right along. :)

Work Like a Patron Day -- I seriously want to try this. So glad you mentioned it.

And Neil Gaiman and that menu... this just makes me smile every time I think of it.

Listen, given that we are in love ever since my post about Latin and Cicero, I want you to know that I AM HERE FOR YOU to explain literally any fandom thing in this life that you might wish to understand. Email me at readingtheend AT gmail DOT com and ask me anything and if I don't know the answer from my own forays into fandom, I will consult someone who does know.

I too liked that Work Like a Patron idea. Sometimes it's tough to see your library from the other side...particularly when you're burnt out...but it's still a good idea in general.

My gift to you, now that we're in Latin Love, is NOT to try and make you explain anything to me. I'm old enough to know now that some things you'll be able to explain to me and some things I'll never get--like when people try to explain financialese or legalese to me. My brain just can't take it in. I think that's the case here with that fan fiction article. :)

But I do thoroughly appreciate the offer!

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