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05 June 2017


Sorry to hear about your eye. Take care of yourself as vision is so important.

West's comments about Twitter harassment sounds all too familiar. Many outspoken women, some that I know personally, have come under foul harassment and threats. In some ways Twitter is a cesspool.

Poor you!! I hope your eye gives you a break and lets you get back to that excellent reading. When I visited my eye doctor last month, she told me that I am doing TOO MUCH SCREENS and prescribed me a new pair of special glasses that I have to wear any time I'm using screens. So hopefully my eyes are saved? Forever? And I will never have another problem with them?

It doesn't sound like any fun at all to have that problem with your eyes. I hope it gets sorted out soon so you can go back to doing what you love!
I enjoy your posts (even if I rarely comment) and I'm grateful that you take the time to write them. Thank you.

Thanks! I am trying to take care of my eye, although getting in to see ANY doctor these days--it's like you need Willy Wonka's golden ticket AND health insurance.
Yeah, I'm kind of glad I can't figure out how to use Twitter. I'm just going to avoid it. As a woman it doesn't really seem to be my sort of place to hang out.

Well, you hope the best for me and I will hope the best for you--I have a feeling we're all going to be dealing with the TOO MUCH SCREENS problem sooner or later. And yes, that's always the way I feel when I'm done seeing the doctor--I'm magically done for the rest of my life now, right? Super. Thanks.

That's really nice--thank you for commenting now. Thanks also for recognizing the time the posts take to write. I just read something where people were mad that online lit journals charge submission/reading fees, because "everything online is free to produce." Anyone who can say that has clearly never paid or taken the time to create something online. Thanks for reading!!

thank you for this article.

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