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14 June 2017


I was disappointed today's post was a REVIEW of David Shields's book, so I understand how you feel.

CR Fan,
I know. I can't help it. Whoever I talk to has invariably never heard of David Shields, so I keep posting these reviews, thinking someone, somewhere, is a fan, and can therefore explain to me who is buying this guy, which would help me explain why they keep publishing this guy.

With regard to your final paragraph: no, because life is too short. Thank you for taking one for the team (although you could give yourself permission to stop)!

Well, there's that. But one of the very most important things in my life is reading, so I tend to just ignore everything else and MAKE more time for it. :)

I will most probably keep reading and posting about David Shields. Because I'm just waiting, WAITING, for someone to comment and say they love him, and then also to tell me why. It's gotta happen sometime.

Sophie Kinsella! I HATE her Shopaholic books, I DESPISE the character of Becky Bloomwood. But I read every one. I like the setting and the fluffiness too much I guess. But I always end up railing about them the entire time I'm reading, until my family gets fed up and yells at me to just stop reading this author!!! Lol.

Can I get an AMEN from the choir on Sophie Kinsella??!?! I read the first one, thinking I would understand why everyone loved it--but Becky Bloomwood didn't do anything for me, and I thought the romance was totally blah. And yet...I finished it. And then considered getting the next one from the library. What is THAT? Shows I too will do anything for a London setting and anything remotely resembling chick lit, is what that shows. :)

You see, I rather like Sophie Kinsella -- EXCEPT the Shopaholic series. Hate hate hate that character.

I didn't read the latest one, either; something about the premise (a man and a women racing across Europe trying to stop their younger siblings' wedding, or something like that) irritated me so much that I didn't even want to touch the book, let alone read it.

But *everything* makes me cranky these days. Even fluff. Even Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama talking about "joy"; and if THAT makes me face-punchy, I probably shouldn't be reading anything.

Except your blog. Every time I come back to it, I keep thinking "why didn't I read this sooner?"

Oh, Hapax,
You wouldn't BELIEVE what is all making me face-punchy these days. Fer sure anyone talking about "joy." In whatever form. I would highly recommend NOT reading David Shields, if I were you.
Is my dramatization of how David Shields makes me feel.

I am so happy I am not making you face-punchy. And I am open to better Sophie Kinsella, as all I have read is 1.5 of the shopaholic books. Can you suggest your favorite title of hers? I need some fiction for summer. Today I checked out Henry James's "The Wings of the Dove" but I don't think you can count that as "lighter."

My favourite is probably I'VE GOT YOUR NUMBER but -- fair warning -- it is practically the apotheosis of ridiculous rom-com. I mean, this book is so light and fluffy that if you don't sit on it, it will very likely float off the table.


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