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31 July 2017


What a remarkable essay, and such a tribute not only to your father but also to your relationship with him on so many levels! Thank you.

Oh CR, your essay is just lovely. What a beautiful tribute to your dad and to how reading can bond us in different ways. Thank you for sharing the link.

Thanks so much, Lynne, Ruthiella. I would be remiss (have already been remiss) if I didn't mention that my sister edited it a lot for me, and the editors at The Millions couldn't have been nicer or better with their editing help as well.

He is one of the people I miss talking books with. Among other things.

I just read the remarkable essay you wrote about your dad, and now I miss a man I never met. And now I don't feel like reading anything else for a while, because I just want to sit with that reading experience for a while.

I'm so sorry you've lost your dad and one of your earliest fellow readers. He and your mom raised quite the writer. Well done, them. Well done, you.

Oh, Unruly,
You are such a sweetheart. Thank you.

Yeah, you'd have liked him. But then we librarians always like a reader, don't we?

Wow. Your essay is beautiful. It is also long, and yet every sentence is necessary. This a quite a feat, and it's more than great editing: it's clear, linear, hierarchical thinking. This is what separates real writers from published bloggers. Your writing has a musicality, a pacing that propels your reader to the next sentence, the next paragraph, almost effortlessly. What a subtle portrait of your father. I really enjoyed reading it, and getting to know him in such an elegantly composed tribute.

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