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19 July 2017


You might reconsider the 2nd library card. MORE books! HAHA

The real question is, why is there a limit on how many items you can take out? As long as you return them on time(ish), what do they care? And when I say they, as a librarian, I mean WE. It's like we think someone is being greedy by wanting all those books. Then we whimper about our circulation declining. TAKE OUT MORE STUFF, Y'ALL.

Oh, and I thought The Royal We was great. I kind of want to read it again now that you mention it. But I've got a zillion page Neal Stephenson book out. that should count as four books, I think.

So glad to hear your eye is getting better!

And yay for humans overriding the machines.

Other than that, I got nothin'. I'm in a reading slump myself, and just keep re-reading older favorites. I'm averaging about a book a month of new titles from the place I work.

Oh! I did check out Neil DeGrasse Tyson's ASTROPHYSICS FOR PEOPLE IN A HURRY and got to page 46. Eminently readable but something he said made me crack up laughing and I couldn't get past the visual. Finally gave up and brought it back.

Yeah, so glad you are feeling better. And how cool is it that your boys are requesting books from the library? I know that would be expected of your children, but kids do have a way of circumvention their parent’s expectations sometimes.

Also so glad you were able to check out those three extra books with some human intervention. But maybe your boys should look in to robotic engineering as a future career. I can’t see the this trend towards even more atomization lessening in future. Hello SkyNet!

Well, we've got the two cards (with Mr. CR) but he tends to blame me when I check stuff out on his card and keep it overdue. Spoilsport! But yes, I suppose a card for the eldest CRjr is going to be necessary sooner rather than later.

Actually, I'm okay with the limit. It encourages me to keep better order and to return stuff that we really should be returning. It's just that sometimes I get caught. I'm grateful to the library for handling it so well--giving me a limit, but also giving me a bit of wiggle room. The best kind of policy.

I'm sticking with "The Royal We" and enjoying it--I do enjoy some good fluffy chick (royal!) lit sometimes.

Thanks for the kind words--I too am glad my eye is feeling better. Am going to try to ease strain for my eyes by looking away from computer and books more often when working. A habit we all need to cultivate.

Glad to hear the Neil DeGrasse is good. I haven't been in a science-y mood for a long time, but I should give that a try.

I too am so glad to be feeling better. I am even more antsy and unpleasant to be around than usual when I don't have at least eight reading things on the go. I was so LONELY when I couldn't read, and bored. Evidently I need at least one other hobby.

The boys are very good at requesting books and movies, which didn't have to be a given--but they seem to be very good at enjoying life in general, and plundering the library for all it offers ranks high on the list. We also spend a lot of time in Target playing with their aisles of toys, and then we go home without buying any. A very cheap afternoon out! Ha.

Sigh, robotic engineering. I suppose I should hope they are good at programming but I just can't hope for that.

I for one welcome our new CRjr overlords.

Reading slumps... I don't know, when I have huge tottering piles of books TBR (when *don't* I have huge tottering piles of books?) I start to resent the library books especially: they seem to stare at me accusingly, demanding to be read RIGHT NOW. And then I am much harder on them then I ought -- if they don't grab me in fifteen pages, I'll take them back.

I keep thinking that I need some sort of operatic type of disease, one that doesn't really hurt or prevent me from doing anything (like singing full throated arias [which, since I can't carry a tune in a bucket while healthy, would be AWESOME] or stabbing my enemies with a dagger) but requires me to stay in bed for a couple of weeks so I can finally catch up on my reading.

Except then I would still probably ignore the stack of good library books and read trashy comics.

But I am glad that your eye is better!

Hahahaha, this is making me feel awesome about myself and my decisions. I think my library has a limit of 50 items to check out, and I'm perpetually worried about maybe hitting my limit, so I try to keep myself at 30 to 35 books. I am the model of restraint!

Do not swear fealty to the CRjr overlords until they prove they are of a benevolent type!

Yeah, library books, I've accepted that lately they are more in the line of a fitness regime (lug them home, lug them back, unread) than a reading plan. Perhaps I need to start requesting some different books.

Wouldn't it be NICE to take a two-week, stay in bed and read vacation? Economic AND wonderful. And less fallout afterwards than stabbing your enemies with a dagger. :)

Yeah, the library limit. Thank God it's 100, because my chances of remembering both my and CRjr's library card numbers AND passcodes are NIL.

Good on you, restraint model!

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