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23 August 2017


Uggh. Books on books. Have we run out of material? It's like telling us your dream last night; unless I was in it, I don't really care.

On a "happier" topic, I just finished a great book that deserves more attention than it got: "Knocking on Heaven's Door: The Path to a Better Way to Death" by Katy Butler. Published in 2013, and similar to others in the genre (Being Mortal, God's Hotel, etc) but, well, better.

Actually, I'm a real sucker for books on books. But then again I also read and enjoy books about television, which is all about as derivative as you can get. On the bright side, at least books on books and TV aren't as depressing as the rest of the NF I read!

Hey, thanks for the Knocking on Heaven's Door book suggestion. It's a subject I'm always interested in, always looking for good NF on death and grieving, but it's hard to find. Thanks!

Ohh, to clarify: I didn't mean a finger-pointing "You", just a general 'you'. :)

Oh, no worries, Drew. Actually some of the point of this review was that I didn't care a whole lot about what Hood was telling me about herself either. Particularly because I didn't feel very warmly about any of the books she detailed.

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