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28 August 2017


I am excited to say that I work with one of the authors of the Dr. Who book (John Lavalie), and we are making a big fuss over him at our next all-staff meeting. He will roll his eyes, but that is the price of fame.

That is so exciting!! And I hadn't read that article closely enough to see that it is a 700-page book (!) Wow, that must have been a labor of love. Good job to your modest colleague (what with the eye rolls and all) and kudos to you for making some fuss. That sort of accomplishment is fuss-worthy!

Hahaha, okay, does "wasted my life" in this context mean you didn't like Who Is Rich? I was put off by the title and description, but the excerpts I read from it genuinely made me laugh. Should I skip it?

Yeah, "Who is Rich?" was not for me--I'll post about it tomorrow.
I guess parts of it might have been funny--but I hated the main character so much it was hard to find anything funny after a certain point. I think I'm now so out of step with culture that things that are supposed to be funny aren't striking me as such. Hmmmmm.....can one be an old crank in their early 40s? I think I'm there!

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