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16 August 2017


Nice to see you back in form CR and thanks for the review. Please offer my condolences to Mr. CR. Hopefully you have provided him with a few space opera novels for him to lose himself in!

I suspect most cab drivers get no benefits or sick time either...but that doesn't mean that Uber isn't playing unfairly... I just wonder with those revenues how they manage to lose so much money?

Yeah, Mr. CR is used to this sort of thing. He'll read another SF book and try not to hear me when I tell him about what I'm reading.

No doubt cab drivers don't have a cushy job no matter how they are employed. My review was actually not full enough--the author talks a lot about "1099 workers" (almost everyone who has ever freelanced) and how companies are pretty much taking advantage of them whenever they come to eke out a few more corporate profits, primarily for those few people in the c-suite. Gross.

In the meantime I continue to be grossed out by the idea of traveling anywhere and just calling some stranger up to drive me around. At least with cab stands, etc., you have some assurance that someone, somewhere, might know your driver's real name. Which I don't think Uber can assure you right now.

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