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02 August 2017


I do believe that Mr. CR has been advocating for "short fluffy nonfiction" for quite some time now CR. Glad it hit the spot.

Oh, Mr. CR, I can't listen to him about nonfiction, he's a GENRE guy. :)

He says I'm always picking on him for reading a lot of genre fiction, but I notice he doesn't complain when I bring home new fantasy and SF for him to try. I don't always get it right but I do try.

Now: back to depressing nonfiction. I've got a great one on the go about how the "sharing economy" is a bunch of bullshit. AAAHHHhhhhh that's more like it, nonfiction-wise.

You can also suppress a sneeze by the tongue on the roof of your mouth trick, try it next time. Sounds like the perfect bathroom book :)

Excellent! And I know you can help bring a sneeze on by looking up at a source of light, so now I'm covered on both ends of that! Thanks for the tip!

And yes, this is an excellent bathroom book. Not that I would ever take a library book into the bathroom. :)

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