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09 October 2017


If we all stop talking about Milo, will he go away?

Re Stephen Greenblatt, I liked WILL IN THE WORLD, so I was looking forward to THE SWERVE, but ... the man has No Freaking Clue about medieval history (really, it read like he had just skimmed a few Wikipedia articles) and was snotty, condescending, and much-less-amusing-than-he-thinks about religious faith in general, so I have negative interest in ADAM AND EVE (honestly, jumping straight from Augustine -- whom he completely misunderstands -- to Milton? Seriously?)

Well, Hapax, if Greenblatt wasn't around to mansplain medieval history to you, I'm sure someone else would be...

But thank you for the disclaimer. Greenblatt is on my list of Authors I Should Read But Don't Really Want To--always thought I should read the Shakespeare one because everyone else did. But I really don't want to. Any suggestions for Shakespeare (very intro level) bios I SHOULD read?

Mansplaining -- yes, that's it, exactly!

I personally liked Bill Bryson's THE WORLD AS STAGE because a) I find Bryson pretty funny (I realize that he's not to everyone's taste) b) he admitted up front he knew absolutely nothing about the subject and c) he discovered that nobody else really knows anything definitely about Shakespeare, either. So the book is mainly a "history of what people have thought they knew about Shakespeare and why they thought that and what complete nutters some of them were."

But that may not be what you're looking for...

Sold! (I like Bill Bryson too, although I find him best in small doses.)

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