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04 October 2017


Excellent! I also enjoyed this collection. In case you might want to read my review just follow this link:

Thanks for the link, Maphead! I know I saw Jenny's review (at Reading the End) but I hadn't seen yours!

I can't watch nature shows on TV because the forecast is always so bad. I can't watch the news because the present is always so bad. Science scares me because it makes me realize how little of my brain I put to good use in my typical day. Thank god for porn.

Amy Stewart isn't only a good writer, but she's also a very good painter. I have one of her small New York City scenes. She's really good.

Oh, Vivian,
You know I'm always so glad to see you in the comments, and I don't want to get into a big thing, but I think either nature or news shows might still be better for you than porn. And you know how I feel about political news. I guess I look forward to the day when the science anthology includes a story on male and female robots being used for porn instead of people, because at the end of the day I don't think it's a healthy industry for women (or men).

In other topics, I had NO IDEA Amy Stewart was also a painter, super interesting. Some people are so talented it's sick. Like certain other painter/authors I could name... :)

The porn thing was a joke. I have so very little interest in other people that I can't be bothered to watch strangers go at it. It would be even worse if I knew the people on screen, oh dear, a whole lot worse.

Actually, I wondered! I am obviously reading way too many essay collections where women tell me how great porn is ("You'll Grow Out of It" comes to mind) that I can no longer even recognize a joke. Sigh.

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