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11 October 2017


I completely understand; I read the title and didn't like it.

I read the sample on Amazon. She wrote about being ten years old and taking Playboy-type photos of herself and her friend, which I guess was a gambit to lure readers who think sex is the most interesting thing in the world. I'm uncomfortable with that.

CR Fan,
Yeah, I'm not all that happy with the title either. She's trying to say something bigger throughout the entire book, much of it about how her friend was considered "the hot one" when they went out, and how men view women...but it never quite coalesced into anything bigger. It was mainly just sad.

Well, Amazon does some good in the world then, providing book samples to sometimes save you time on reading the whole book. The pictures didn't bother me, particularly--who knows what tweeny girls all get up to sometimes--but something about the way she had to investigate her friend's death even though they hadn't really even been in touch when her friend died...there was just something about the entire narrative that was off-putting.

What you call off-putting sounds opportunistic to me.

Well, Vivian, six of one, half a dozen of the other!
(Incidentally? I'm pretty sure "opportunistic" was the word my brain wanted to use here, but I kept trying to dance around it. Thanks for saying it for me.)

Let's be fair. It might not be "opportunistic." It could be "pathologically nosy."

Duly noted. So we have: off-putting, OR opportunistic, OR pathologically nosy.

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