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27 December 2017


I had to read so much for work last year that I can't really remember what I read for pleasure. However, I have recently begun to re-read all the Barbara Pym novels and, so far, Less Than Angels is my favorite. Spoiler: I've only re-read one other book, No Fond Return of Love...which was less great.

Amy Stewart edited a Best American anthology? Cool! I must put that on my list.

P.S. I just got Dear Fahrenheit 451 from the library. I'm half-way through and yes, she's quite a gifted writer. She's published by the guy who bought my first book so, like, we're related.

Happy New Year CR. I read All Grown Up too! In part because it is on the Tournament of Books 2018 long list but also because you recommended it.

I really liked it even though much of it was difficult subject matter...like she was reading my mind at times. But I will definitely read more from Attenberg. I thought her writing was very, very good.

We have the same person to thank for one of your books and Annie Spence's? Thank you, same person! I wonder what's on the rest of his list.
I've never read a Barbara Pym. I want to. Where should I start?
Can't wait to hear what you think of the Amy Stewart-edited collection of essays!

I'm so glad you liked the Attenberg!! I love Attenberg the way I love Jessa Crispin--there's a ton of stuff we're very different on, but then there's also many moments of me feeling this: SOLIDARITY, SISTER! In other words: right on. Have you tried her novel "The Middletsteins" yet? I loved that novel.

I LOVED that science and nature anthology! Glad you liked it too!

Oh man, the Best American Science and Nature Writing is always such a tremendous collection. I've read it the past three years and have yet to be disappointed. I always learn awesome new things.

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