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20 December 2017


I love your book lists. I really do.

I've been on the fence about "Wedding Toasts . . . " but I'm springing to action now.

Thank you.

Ah, book lists, we readers almost have to love any book list, don't we?

I would LOVE to hear your take on "Wedding Toasts," pop back in or email. It wasn't perfect (frankly, the chapter on affairs/attraction to others made me chuckle, as the mere thought of ever going back to dating or trying to flirt with anyone else is exhausting) but the parts that resonated, REALLY resonated.

Happy new year to you! Filled with lots of good books, hopefully.

I'm glad to see you back! I have to catch up (I'm a little late in twigging that you're back in the ether) but I like this reading list. I actually went to the Shopsin grocery store once when I lived in Manhattan in the 1990s and, to me, the place was creepy. As I remember, the food was served on paper plates. Or maybe I just wished it had been served on paper plates, which would have been more sanitary.

I HAVE to read Dear Fahrenheit 451 because I just read about a young writer who got a 7-figure advance for her short stories and I don't feel bad enough about myself yet.

So glad to see you! I have so been enjoying your blog this month, all this pictures of kitties, oh my. An embarrassment of riches, kitty-style.

AWESOME to get firsthand info about Shopsin's. Some of the pictures in this memoir and in Kenny Shopsin's memoir/cookbook...you know, his wife changing a kid's diaper on the floor behind the food counter...well, I can't say I really need to go or eat there. But the sheer chutzpah of parents who could send their very young children on the subway alone to go uptown to the museum....well, I've kind of got to respect that. But then, I grew up on a farm with also kind-of gutsy parents, so maybe it just makes me feel all nostalgic.

A 7-figure advance. Just imagine. Still, even though I'm jealous of hell I guess I have to be sort of glad someone, somewhere, is making money from writing. Of course if she's self-employed, six figures of that seven-figure number will probably have to go to buy insurance for herself. What a bullshit system we are in.

Hi! It is the end of the year! I am glad you liked Shrill -- I did as well, even though it didn't maybe completely feel like a complete book. But even with that said, there were some essays that were so strong I didn't care about the weaker bits. I got teary at the ending of her essay about comedy. Do you read her columns in the NYTimes? They are very good indeed.

I get the feeling maybe you're okay with kicking 2017 to the curb. Maybe we're all at that point.
I do not read West's columns, but I very rarely read anyone's columns or anything in the newspapers (reading notes notwithstanding) anymore. That, along with turning off any kind of national news on the TV, has actually made my life a lot better. Perhaps why 2017 didn't wear me out as much as it did everyone else.
I do hope you have a downright LOVELY 2018!!

Oh my land. I just finished reading Dear Fahrenheit 451, and it knocked my socks off. And made me feel practically patriotic to be a public librarian. I nearly got verklempt.

Oh my land indeed (regarding the Spence). Never have I so enjoyed and so bitterly resented having my socks knocked off. She wrote a great book that I wish I had written first!!
Also: yay librarians. :)

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