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18 December 2017


I am reading the Pope Francis book. Liking it more and more, so much I've started reading it aloud to my family.

I do so love Frankie Argentina, but have not yet read any of his books. Maybe I will have to start here. Thanks for the thumbs-up!

Oh! Aline Griffith -- I hadn't heard that she died. When I was in high school, "The Spy Wore Red" rocked my world. I even gave a copy to my favorite teacher. (Dang, I was a dork.) But those books of Griffith's... So Good.

Oh, for goodness sake. The only thing more unforgivably tiresome than librarians incessantly worrying over "Why don't librarians get MOAR RESPEKT as professionals?" is yet *another* essay on "Are graphic novels LITTERACHUR?" - and that's because the obligatory "comics aren't just for kids" line is even more irritating than the "buns-and-sensible shoes" trope.

However, my unabashed adoration for the Melville House blog remains pure and true and fervent. If that newsletter were a single man, I'd marry it like a shot.

Also, I have never ever found John Hodgman even tepidly funny. It doesn't look like this latest brain-extrusion will change my mind.

I had never heard of Aline Griffith but thought she sounded fascinating! I have now requested "The Spy Wore Red" and am thinking I will take it along to be my "Christmas book"--the book I take along to my in-laws' every Christmas to read all night while I can't sleep. I'm almost looking forward to that now (except not the horrible drowsy headachy day after). Thanks for the endorsement of the author and the title.

SO awesome that you gave a book to a teacher. Odds are you made that teacher's year. DORKS FOREVER.

Honesty time...I didn't even read that graphic novels article, just thought some might find it interesting/appropriate (and because I also feel guilt for not including enough comics news here). Mostly because most comics and graphic novels are not my thing, although I'm not opposed. To some extent this "are graphic novels litterachur?" thing is as dumb to me as the "I don't read romances because I'd be embarrassed to be seen holding a romance." People. Read what you want to read, for the love of heaven, and stop thinking about what other people think. Although I STILL say the most boring conversation of all is the "oh, woe is me, my genre fiction gets no respect, blah blah blah," usually by authors who are making lotsa cash writing said genre fiction.

Mmm. You got me going there. Sorry about that.

I too love the Melville House blog, particularly when they are referring to Jeff Bezos as Satan, which is nearly every day, bless them.

I have the John Hodgman at home and am alternately bored/annoyed by the first two pages, as well as the stupid drawn comic-esque author portrait. Why? Why am I even trying it?

Citizen -- You just made my year. Now I'm just really hoping you like the book!

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