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06 December 2017



I will be delighted to read this and send along edits, too, if you like.

As your acting, unofficial literary agent (I just appointed myself, hope that's cool), this is what you need to ask for as a Christmas present: get one of your friends or family members to go through the labor of self-pubbing it for you. Or else ask for the money to pay someone for their troubles. That's an easy $50 for a high school student.

I imagine. Maybe it's not that easy. Maybe I'm lowballing it. I've never self-pubbed. But you're 99.86% of the way there, so I'd love to see your book go those last few steps.

Yeah, it was fun.
And SUPER, I'll take edits and unofficial literary agenting any time! I do know it's too long, especially in the PDF format, I should have cut some more, but for now, well, read the first chapter, read the last chapter, that'll get you most of what you need to know. :)

Yeah, self-pubbing. It was more fun just to do this.

CR! I am so excited to learn you have written a novel - and chick lit, at that! I downloaded and started it last night and am enthralled. Joe just appeared. Looking forward to reading the rest soon.

An idea - a couple of authors I know have gone with Kristin Nelson's literary agency (http://nelsonagency.com/). She is "a nice Midwesterner" living in Denver and has started a digital publishing service as well. They take care of all the editing, formatting, uploading etc. pesky details. They always close from Dec. 1 - Jan. 1 so no rush but might be worth the effort. And I think they work on commission so no up-front money needed, but if they take you on good things happen.

And I've copyedited for several authors so if you'd like I will volunteer as well as Jessica. I, too, would love to see your book go those last few steps.

Oh, Lynne,
You are a dear. And thank you for the recommendation of Kristin Nelson's agency. In today's climate I'm just not sure the book would be a go (is "chick lit" even a category any more? I certainly can't seem to find any), and it needs a lot of trimming, editing, help in general, etc. But I will file away her name for other projects--thank you!

If you are able to make it through the whole thing please do let me know what you think! I had a ball writing it and would be happy to discuss its parallels to Austen's "Persuasion" anytime. Because that's just the nerdy way I roll. :)

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