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05 January 2018


Now we know what a serious face looks like on the right woman!
Great essay, CR!

CR Fan, you dear,
Yes, you can bet no one is ever telling that woman she looks too serious!
Thank you for reading the essay, and the kind note too. I owe you not just one, but many hundreds.

"I thanked her, or him, for going through this with me because I couldn’t have faced it by myself" broke me. I'm crying here at work. Such a beautiful and painful story.

Oh, Jessica,
You're such a sweetie. I used to cry at work quite a bit, but I never like to be the cause of tears. Hope it was at least cathartic. :)

That was beautiful CR. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much for reading it. I am beyond touched that you read this blog AND you spent extra time to go and read something else I wrote too!

Oh, honey, that was a really good essay. I teared up, and I wanted to give you a million in-person hugs. I'm sorry for your loss. <3<3<3

Jenny, sweetheart,
I'll take the virtual hugs. Thank you for that. And thank you for reading (CR and the essay!).

Ahhh...I want to read it but not while I am at work...because the title made me start to well up :) Congrats on a paying writing gig!

Thank you so much for the congrats!
Hope all is well with you and with the new job that is not new anymore. When ARE we going to get over there and see you? I've got to get my butt in gear and come bug you.

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