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29 January 2018


CR! I read a tribute to her yesterday and was going to ask you for a recommendation, as she seemed like an interesting person, but I had never read anything by her either. Might start with her book on writing.

Sorry your eyes are acting up CR. I hope the reading glasses help!

I have only read The Left Hand of Darkness and A Wizard of Earthsea by LeGuin but I can heartily recommend The Left Hand of Darkness for classic thinking person's sci-fi.

I didn't get on that well with A Wizard of Earthsea, but I think I may have read it too late in life. It is a kids book that certainly can be appreciated by adults, but I think I would have enjoyed it more as a child.

Excuse you, you are not a wienie! You are awesome and eye strain is real and you should be gentle with yourself. <3

CR Fan,
I know, where to start? I think I'm going to take Ruthiella's suggestion (see below) and try The Left Hand of Darkness. Seems like I should at least give her SF a whirl, that's what she was known for. Let me know if you pick anything of hers up.

I think the reading glasses WILL help. My vision still checks as fine every year but holy cow, I looked through the glasses at a page already and said, hey, that's better! I'm an idiot not to have figured that out sooner (among many other reasons).

Thanks for the Le Guin suggestions! I think I will try The Left Hand just to read the biggie, but perhaps I can try A Wizard as a read-aloud to the boys as well.

Oh, Jenny, m'dear, I most certainly AM a wienie! Or, as I once told my Dad, when he told me "you just have to keep getting up again after getting knocked down," "But Dad, wouldn't it just be easier to STAY down?"

Thanks for the kind words and be assured I am trying to send all good healing vibes your way. Hit by a car, ye gods. You are a trouper.

First, wishing your eyes some comfort!
Second, that True Crime article: Wow. Well done. It makes me almost* wanna read a Jeffrey Dahmer book, and those are words I never expected to type.

*talk about a wienie -- I'm terrified of True Crime & have haunted nightmares whenever I read it

Chiming in late, but if you want classic LeGuin that is shorter and less ... "dated" than LHoD (which is, don't get me wrong, perfectly wonderful) start with her short story "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas."

http://www.mccc.edu/pdf/eng102/Week%209/Text_LeGuin%20Ursula_Ones%20Who%20Walk%20Away%20From%20Omelas.pdf (print it out to save your poor eyes some strain)

Warning: *all* the trigger warnings. It will make you hurt. It will make you angry. It will make you think. It will make you think again. ...

... forty years later, you'll STILL be thinking about it.

Excellent. Thank you! I'm going to go the story route. I must confess that every time I even think of reading The Left Hand of Darkness I feel kind of tired. SF has never been my bag, really.
I don't mind the triggers, but thank you for the warnings nonetheless.

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