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02 January 2018


Ah Sue Grafton. I read maybe A-G with a few later letters sprinkled in and I cannot for the life of my remember any of the plots or the murders etc. But I do remember the car(s) the detective drove, her apartment(s), her elderly neighbor/landlord and that black dress that never needed ironing. Of course, these aspects were reinforced in each book so that is probably why I can recall them.

I heard somewhere (possibly my mother) that her estate has opted to not finish or have finished the last book in series...Z. I find that interesting what with authors such as Tom Clancy "writing" from the grave, etc.

Happy new year, Ruthiella!
Hilariously, when I told him the news, and that she'd never got to publish volume Z, Mr. CR said, well, I bet her estate will pump that out as soon as possible. But, like you, I read some interesting things about that and how she never sold the TV rights to the series because she wanted to keep control...by all accounts she sounds like an interesting author. When I told him all that, Mr. CR asked how old her current husband is, and then further suggested that when he passes on (he seems intent on guarding her wishes), the rest of her family will STILL pump out a Z volume. Mr. CR sometimes exhibits a somewhat dim view of human nature (which is, of course, one of the reasons I love him).

I never read any of them because I read hardly any mysteries, but now I might try one or two just to see what they were like.

Dear CR, a hodgepodge follows - sorry~

RE: Sue Grafton
Todd Mason (Fiction-L contributor) posted a link to the version I read (https://www.courier-journal.com/story/entertainment/books/2017/12/29/sue-grafton-author-dies/990605001/) :
Novels in Grafton's alphabet series were generally released two years apart, and Humphrey said his late wife had not yet started writing her last book in the series.
"She was trying to come up with an idea, but she never got one she liked," he said. "With chemo, she didn't have much energy or interest in that anyway. There will just be a 25-letter alphabet, I'm sorry to say."

Re: Ursula LeGuin, she's a fascinating woman but I have a hard time reading her fiction. But her essays are very clear and cogent.

RE: Milo, an independent literary club donated his book to the library (I wasn't going to buy it). It sat on the New shelf for 4 months and never went out once.

I hope your holidays were lovely and your New Year improves

Happy new year, Lynne!
I love a good hodgepodge, as you can tell from my lists.
I read something very like you read about Grafton--that she hadn't started the last book and there wouldn't be one. I still wonder if that's how it will play out.

I've never read any LeGuin at all so I should really try some of her essays! I like clear and cogent so I'm getting that book.

Hilarious news about the Milo. I almost would have had to check it out out of morbid curiosity. Glad you didn't spend money on it.

My holidays were lovely; thank you. Hope yours were too--and stay warm!

The clues about faith link goes to the coffin link when you click on it.

Thank you for noting that! The link should be fixed now.

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