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03 January 2018


I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I do wonder what some of the titles are you want to read. There's a big metaphor in your little boxes.

Long live the notebook! I haven't moved on yet from the previous technology (the back of envelopes), so maybe I will make one more upgrade.

Long live books! Long live CR!

CR Fan,
Notebooks forever! And date books, and paper lists, and basically any other piece of personal information I can hoard from the likes of Bezos, Zuckerberg, and Co.
Did you write down any of your favorite titles from the year on the backs of any envelopes? What were they?

I love recording my reading in paper journals. I can't keep up with GoodReads and a journal, so I just focus on the journal. I love looking at my stack of full journals - the stack in my office goes back to 2004 and I know I have more at home. The one thing I wish the journals could do is compile a list of all of the books I've read by one author over the years.

Yes, so I used to keep lists on looseleaf paper (that was mostly for the kids) on books we should read.
I scrawl on envelopes, notecards, old permission slips, sometimes in notebooks.I guess some resolutions are in order.

I know so many people really love and use GoodReads, but I cannot for the life of me get into it--partly because it's owned by Amazon, partly because, like you, I also don't want to track my reading twice. Can I just say that I'm such a nerd that I would LOVE to index your journals back to 2004--which would be a starting point to see which books by which authors you've read.
If I was going to be SUPER nerdy I'd compile a master index for all your journals--and then you'd have your list! Then again I once indexed a notebook we kept at one of the college libraries I worked at to make a note of problem patrons, problem situations, what homework assignments were going on, etc., so I have a long history of enjoying indexing way too much. :)

I have multiple lists. I use goodreads to record what I have read (plus I enjoy the social interaction on that site) but have of late begun using a notebook to record what I have read or want to read AND I also use two different excel spreadsheets for stats and just because I love looking that list of books. So I track my reading in FOUR different places.

Plus I have those other lists to check off as I go (1000 books to read before you die, etc.). I just like lists of books basically.

I totally want to embroider "I just like lists of books basically" on a throw pillow. And I don't even embroider.

By my math, because you are tracking your reading in four different places, you are 4x the woman I am. But we knew that already. :) More power to you, listmaker!

Do you actually get to know people on GoodReads? Is it all women there? It seems like it would be, kind of like Pinterest. Would you paint me a picture of GoodReads because I don't understand it, and I would like to?

Hi CR,

Goodreads is like a nicer version of Facebook for people who really like books and reading. You can get to know people on the site if you want; it is a bit like blogging, it depends on the effort one is willing to put in commenting on other person's reviews etc. and sometimes people disappear with no warning.

There are really good groups available that one can join (or even create) and I have made a few bookish friends, physically exchanged books with them via the mail, discovered read-a-longs and bookish podcasts to listen to.

I don't know if it is all women. Maybe it is more women than men on the whole, but I have 30 "friends" and 1/3 of them are men (to the best of my knowledge...this is the internet).

Citizen -- I'm having some intense nostalgia for the legal pad that used to hold my "Books Read" list. It was exactly what I needed, and I loved it. I only wish it had been fancier.

So glad you're here, reading and writing and saying all the things that need to be said.

Oh, Unruly,
You are so funny. I like legal pads too. Want to hear my shameful little secret? I don't really have a TBR list. I have piles of books, hold lists at the library, links I post here...but no organized list. Perhaps I will get a legal pad (to distinguish it from the million other notebooks laying around my house--Mr. CR thinks they somehow are multiplying by themselves now--and that is where I will start a dedicated TBR list! (Thereby skipping GoodReads altogether. :) )

So glad YOU are here, commenting and sharing, and also so glad you are at your blog, reading and writing too! Thank you for that.

CR- I am nerdy enough to try to index my own journals, but how to you index a growing work? I could use index cards which would allow for growth or create a word document? Somehow the index card method seems the happiest for me. I knew there was a reason I needed to buy an old card catalog.

Melanie, compatriot!
Well, you've got journals in individual volume form, right? So put numbers in each journal, and those, along with the journal's date or number (like I, II, III, IV, etc.) will be your locators. Then create a word document that you simply add to every time you finish a new journal.

So say you read David Sedaris, and he pops up in several journals. Then you get:
Sedaris, David.
general thoughts on, I:4-5, IV: 15
Me Talk Pretty One Day, II:3
Theft by Finding, VI:4-6

Right? That seems to me like it would work. And thank you for having this conversation, which is perhaps the most nerdy fun I've had in a LONG time.

Also: do you HAVE an old card catalog? That is all kinds of awesome. I suppose index cards would work for the above method too, but would be messier to alphabetize? Whereas Word would probably do that for you.

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