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05 February 2018


Hi CR,

Off topic but did you know Stacy Horn has a new book coming out in May 2018? "Damnation Island" - a non-fiction account of insane asylums and prisons of NYC in the 19th century. Sounds like a nice tie in to The Alienist if they could some how market it that way.

I do know that, because I love Stacy Horn and I check her blog for pictures of kitties and NYC way more often than I should. I also love you for knowing I love Stacy Horn and letting me know this!!
I am in fact hoping to interview Stacy for The Millions, sometime closer to the release date in May. Anything you want me to ask her about the craft of nonfiction? I'm particularly interested in her process of fact-checking, because I know she takes that really seriously.

Also, I've not read The Alienist (and it's a new show, right?). Should I?

I really liked The Alienist, and it seems very much like a True Crime book even though it's called historical fiction. So, I would recommend it! As for the current tv series, wow, I just cannot get into it. I watched the first episode twice hoping the second time would inspire me to continue. Then I got through about 10 minutes of the second episode and decided not to watch any more. I'm not entirely sure why I liked the book so much and cannot deal with the tv show; usually I don't have such completely opposite reactions to adaptations.

I read the Alienist when it first was published waaaay back in the 1990s. I really enjoyed it at the time.

I think that you should do a menage CR with the new Stacy Horn and the Alienist.

You know, last time we talked you were very enthusiastic about The Alienist. Keep reminding me--no time this month for Fun Reading but I'd like to try it. Very disappointing about the TV show--the trailer made it look good. But that happens sometimes. I'm not overfond of the new adaptation of Poldark, if you must know the truth, it just pales too much in comparison to the books.

Ah, the 1990s. I watched the movie "The Insider" (about Jeffrey Wigand the whistleblower) last week and it mostly made me nostalgic for the 1990s. People using payphones! People grabbing books off shelves to do research! Sigh.

A menage with the books you list is a very, very good idea. I don't usually do new books though, in case people want to get them from the library and there's a waiting list...but perhaps for Stacy we could make an exception.

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