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12 February 2018


Your car! Your furnace! That is so stressful! I am sending you many good wishes that everything goes well with your furnace, and that your car is healed straight away.

At least I don't have a broken neck! Every time I read YOUR blog I think, geez, I can barely handle mechanical problems, what would I do with a body problem?!?! Go stark raving mad, that's the answer. I hope you are recuperating well.

Furnace checked out and car goes in to a different shop tomorrow, hopefully to be finally fixed (fixing last week was "preliminary fixing"? Don't ask me. I don't get cars). It's been a good car and when you need a car it's nice to have one (when it starts), but you know that part in the movie "Office Space" where they take a printer out back and beat it with baseball bats? I'll admit I sometimes fantasize about doing that to my car. :)

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