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12 March 2018


Goodbye, Monday lists! I'm game for whatever you want to do. I preferred Wednesdays over Mondays anyway.

Even the dependent-free painter only does one day a week.

I hear you on the addiction crutch--though rarely have the addictions of others or myself brought me something so valuable. Thank you.

CR Fan,
You are a sweetie. Thank YOU.

We'll take whatever you have time for CR! Your essays are amazing so I think you should keep working on those! How about a part time library job??? We'd love to have you back in the library world :)

Of course you need to evolve and bust out of creative decisions you made years ago. It's important to hear yourself when you have a little voice urging you to move on, move outward, go deep, change the person you thought you were. All the great artists and thinkers do it. I'll be here on Wednesday, eager to see what you're cooking up.

I am also changing reading direction this year. I want to get back to reading things that I enjoy rather than only reading ARC's. As a librarian I feel a lot of pressure to be reading current books for my patrons but that takes much of the pleasure out of reading. This year, after 19 years, I have disbanded the library book club that I lead. I was just worn out. And last week I finished indexing my 14 reading journals. As I was going through all those old memories, I realized I've read only one or two titles from so many good writers and I need to go back and read more of their work. I want to spend more time crafting (scrapbooking and crochet) which I tend to put off because I'm in the middle of a good book that I don't want to put down. I can listed to audio books if I don't have to be reading ARC's. So, more reading for me, less reading for the library. It's a win for me. Maybe I can spin it like I'm trying to increase library checkouts of older materials instead of just stuff off the new shelf. And now it's a win-win situation. What ever you do I'll still be checking to see what's going on.

Wednesdays it is!

Also this:
You can contribute on your own timeline, no minimum requirement. Build on your areas of expertise. Grow it as big (or keep it as small) as you like. I think you'd be great!

Oh Katharine,
You are a sweetie too. I wish I had the strength to try and return to the public library world. I don't know what it says about me OR public libraries that, in my mid-forties, I feel way too old to return to public service. If I had been a great librarian like YOU are, perhaps I would feel more drive in that direction. Sigh.
Thank you for the kind words about the essays too. I've got to get cracking!

You're a dear too. I wish I had any kind of artistic (or even craftsmanlike) skill or evolution in me. Increasingly all I can hear is the drumbeat of you really have to make some cash...you have no skills...you have to make some cash...you have no skills...etc. It makes it hard to concentrate.
Thanks for putting up with me through evolution from whatever into whatever.

Good for YOU! I say YES to more reading for you, YES to less reading for the library. You ran a book group for nearly two decades? You, my friend, are a HERO. I can't think of anything I could stand doing for two decades, other than drinking a lot of coffee and eating treats. I could do that times infinity.
I look forward to hearing more about your new reading path too. Please do share.

WHAT? But what about my obligatory Neil Gaiman link? JUST KIDDING CR. Just keep writing. I don't even read non-fiction. What I do read is your blog, so blog about whatever you like!

::whispers:: I stopped liking Neil Gaiman years ago. I approve of these changes. ::stops whispering::

Whatever creative direction you pick, stay with this blog only so long as the benefits to you outweigh the time and stress. This is your hobby. It better damn well be fun.

I hope you find a reading balance that works for you and also please keep reading my draft novel, please, okay thanks.

Luckily for you, you cannot throw a stone on the Internet without hitting a Neil Gaiman story! You'll be all right.
Thank you so much for reading this even without reading nonfiction. I tend to think that really the only valid piece of my personality is that I sometimes know interesting (okay, mostly horrifying) tidbits from nonfiction that I like to share. Let's develop that piece, I'm too tired to develop any other aspects of personhood! :)

...shouting...thank you for the support!...stops shouting.
Yes, somewhere in my mind I have been thinking of this blog as work, and that is not right. (Carryover from writing all those "nonfiction reading interest" reference books--you've been there, done that.) Time to make it fun.
I will always read your draft anythings. I did even when my eyes were tired! A truer declaration of love I cannot make. Keep writing, please, my eyes are better and ready for the next installments.

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