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Scott McClellan is a weenie.

I had a different post all ready for this morning, but then became subject to a bombardment of Scott McClellan in the media, and thought that badmouthing him would be a more timely issue.

Look at this man.  Do you really want to give him $27.95?  I didn't think so.

All day yesterday he and his little Bush administration tell-all, What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception, were featured on Yahoo.  This morning, he was on all the networks I get (to steal a great line from the movie Broadcast News, "I think he was live on two of them"), along with Bush's current minions professing shock at his betrayal.

According to today's reports*, here are some tidbits from the book: Bush is a liar.  Karl Rove will do anything to win.  Cheney views the world as full of evil he must conquer.

Are you KIDDING me?  Is any of that still news?  For THIS he gets all-day headlines on Yahoo and major broadcast media coverage?  Not only is the man a weenie, he is the worst kind of weenie: he did his evil boss's bidding (quite gleefully, I'm sure) for years, and now he's a turncoat for personal profit.  Puke.

So please don't buy this book.  I wish no one would, until McClellan announces that all his profits will be going to victims of the Iraq War (on both sides of the conflict).  I'm pretty sure that's not going to happen.

*This just in, thanks to Bookslut: an excerpt at the Washington Post