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Any librarians out there? Librarians who want to see a cool database?

Largely to allay my sister's fears that I've become a communist (she wondered; CITIZEN reader, big red banner, etc.) I'd like to put in a good word for a database that has one purpose: to help readers find books they might like, and to offer you your chance to see it!

This Friday, along with Laura Calderone (managing editor of electronic products at Libraries Unlimited), I'll be giving a web-based demo on the Reader's Advisor Online, a database which allows you to find books and reading based on subject, genre, and appeal, and which includes both fiction and nonfiction.  Handy!  Information for attending is below; please consider dropping in* to give it a look.  The demo usually takes about 30-40 minutes, with questions, and we often veer off track and talk about all sorts of reading-type stuff.  It's a good time.

Reader's Advisor Online demo, Friday June 13

There will be a web-based demonstration Friday, June 13, 2008 at 1PM EDT / 10 AM PDT (Noon central time). Attendees will view the training via the web and will call a conference number to enable full participation in the training. Spaces are limited — please register ASAP! You may reserve a seat by emailing [email protected]. Confirmation of registration and access instructions will be sent by email.

*I am lucky enough to do some writing for this database and for Libraries Unlimited.  See?  I'm totally a capitalist.