Tony Hawks does it again.
Whatever I do end up reading, it won't be this.

Citizen Reading: First in a series.

It should come as no surprise to you that I really, really enjoy reading. 

I enjoy reading so much that it has rather ruined me for any other activities.  The only event that has a real chance of turning my head from a book is mealtime.  I think about reading and the act of reading so frequently that it's like an actual real friend of mine, and sometimes you like to try and figure your friends out, don'tcha?

With that in mind, welcome to some thoughts about the act itself, called Citizen Reading.  And yes, more than anything else, these segments will count as filler, because I don't have a book review ready.  You found me out!

Last night I finished a fabulous book, titled Made in Detroit: A Memoir, by Paul Clemens (incidentally, where has this book been all my life?).  When I was done, I set it down in my lap as is my habit, and thought about it a little bit.  Primarily I do this just to hold the books I love a little bit longer.  I also do it because I always experience Great Book Withdrawal when I'm done reading a really good book. 

Does anyone else experience this?  It was awkward last night because I finished at about 9 p.m., meaning I probably had time to start reading something else.  But I wasn't in the mood for anything else because I was still thinking about Made in Detroit.  And yes, that was time I should have used to wash the dishes.  But you can't go from reading great literature to washing the dishes.  So I looked through the other reading material we had around, listlessly, but then decided I just didn't feel like starting anything else. 

Wanted: one hobby that I could pursue in the half-hour periods of Great Book Withdrawal that occur roughly once every two weeks.  Do not suggest knitting.  I do not like yarn.