Memoir Madness: Made in Detroit
Memoir Madness: The Late Bloomer's Revolution

I just don't know sometimes.

I've been home a lot this week, which, ironically, has found me thinking about people a lot.

It all started yesterday, when I paged through a book titled American Photobooth, by Nakki Goranin.  It's a very strange and completely lovely book which is half a history of the technology and uses of the photobooth, and half a photography book offering pictures of people who had their pictures taken in photobooths.  Okay, you got me, I skipped most of the history.  But I loved, LOVED, looking at the pictures.  Young kids having fun.  Couples kissing.  Single men looking very serious. Old couples looking like they still enjoy each other's company.  And out of nowhere, while flipping through the pictures, I thought, I like people.  In their infinite variety, and in the fact that there is someone out there who cared enough to research and write about something like the photobooth, they really have a lot to offer.

Then later my brother sent me the link to a CNN news article about two little girls getting shot on their bikes in the middle of nowhere.  (I've already given away the ending, but here's a warning: only read the article if you can stand having your heart broken.)  And I thought, I really don't like people. 

I just don't know sometimes.